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VIRN Office Location

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Keep coming back to our website to view our Programs & Activities.

Local phone numbers: 204-975-9340 or 204-975-9341
Toll-Free: 1-888-851-VIRN (8476)
Fax: 1-888-471-1919

Address: 320 Sherbrook Street, Winnipeg
Main Floor, South Tower
Twitter: @virnca

Right on the northwest corner of Sherbrook and Portage Avenue.

"Thank You! Lions Eye Bank for the opportunity to work with you."

Mailing Address:
Vision Impaired Resource Network (VIRN) Inc.
PO Box 2454, Station Main
Winnipeg, MB R3C 4A7

Staying true to our mission and core building blocks:
• Public Education
• Training
• Peer Support
• Active Living

We continue to roll out new programs and activities and are still offering our existing ones.
You choose which one is right for you."

Who Is VIRN?

Photo one of VIRN's office work station in our computer lab.
Goal Is Inclusion

“Finding solutions for day-to-day challenges.”
Help us break down barriers and embrace inclusion for all!

The Vision Impaired Resource Network (VIRN) is a registered charity that started in 1944. We became incorporated in Manitoba as the Canadian Council of the Blind Manitoba Division (CCBMB) in 1982. After doing research and consulting with the community of people who are vision impaired, their families, friends and supporters of the organisation we changed our name to better reflect the needs of the community and to eliminate confusion people had regarding organisations with similar sounding names.

Collectively our four core building blocks of Peer Support, Public Education, Active Living and Training promote active, healthy and independent living, and developing good life skills. Click Here to Read More

Learn To Curl With The VI Curling Program

Photo of yellow curling rock with our VIRN Logo on the handle.
Next Curling Date - March 11th

New Location
Sunday, March 11, 18 and 25
11:45 AM to 1:45 PM
Fort Garry Curling Club
696 Archibald Street, Winnipeg

Please register in advance.
For more details Email:
Call: 204-975-9340

Dress in layers, where stretchy pants and bring a clean pairs of shoes to change into. Street shoes are not allowed on the ice.

VIRN"s Vision Impaired Curling (VI Curling) program offers grassroots development, recreational and competitive curling. Get your family and friends together and come out and join in the fun. Sunday, March 11, 18 and 25.

Everyone is welcome!

VIRN remains committed to ensuring that there are coaches and volunteers on hand to help people wanting to learn to curl or continue to curl regardless of whether or not you are losing your vision or have been vision impaired all your life. It is important to stay active and be involved in the community.

VI Curling involves friends and families, because inclusion is a very important aspect of sport. Many of the people who have taken part and who continue to take part in VIRN's Curling program have gone on to curl alongside curlers who make up the multitude of leagues throughout the province.

In addition to providing coaching, VIRN is giving VI Curlers opportunities to play against teams of varying abilities. Teams from other provinces and countries will be contacted to spread VI Curling and to make as many opportunities as possible available for everyone who enjoys the sport.

Register in advance.
For more information or to get involved, contact VIRN by:
Phone: 204-975-9340

Tech-Ease Drop-in Monday, March 5th - 5:30 to 7:30 PM

Photo of two a young man and young lady sharing information by tapping their iPhones together.
We Love to Share Information

Next Tech-Ease Drop-In is: Monday, March 5th
Millennium Library
Anhang Room on the 2nd Floor
251 Donald Street, Winnipeg
Southeast Corner of Donald & Graham

Note Remember the Time Change
Time: 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Reminder Downtown Winnipeg Biz - Provide SafeWalk

Downtown Watch ambassadors provide SafeWalks for added reassurance for downtown workers, visitors and residents. When working late or leaving an event in the dark, some people find it intimidating to walk to their car or bus stop alone. The Downtown Watch are out on downtown’s streets to assist you, and welcome any calls for SafeWalks. For a SafeWalk, call the Downtown Watch at 958-SAFE (7233) or Downtown Winnipeg Biz SafeWalk

Sharing information and learning from people who use accessible tools and technology day-to-day?

This month one of our topics for discussion will be on the RBdigital App.
Note: Please bring your own ear buds to all Tech-Ease drop-in sessions to help us eliminate distractions and interfering with each other.

Although it isn’t necessary, if you happen to have a question that may require some research on our part, let VIRN know a few days in advance. This will help us and make it easier to possibly bring someone in who could answer your question(s) or work with you on the device you have brought along.

Contact us at: 204-975-9341

Technology helps to keep us connected, informed and is inclusive.

Subscribe to:

VIRN has been offering the Tech-Ease program for over ten years. We pride ourselves on sharing information about tools and technology to help the community of people who are vision impaired, their family and friends have equal access to information, download audio books, music and other reading materials through public library services, use GPS for mobility and independent travel and much more.

Contact us at: 204-975-9341

Technology helps to keep us connected, informed and is inclusive.
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Importance of Reading Month

Animated photo of two children sitting on a pile of colourful books reading.
Let's Make Reading Inclusive

Remember when you were learning to read as a child? Did you read with your parents or an older sibling? Or perhaps you had reading buddies in school? Did they read to you or did you read to them?

VIRN values inclusion for all family members and all community members in this experience. Would it be nice to go to the library, and sign out books in different formats that all family members can read?

Inclusion would mean access to this same world of knowledge, to explore, learn, dream, and enjoy. This means reading with various senses not just visual but tactile or audio as well.

The whole month of February 2018 is I Love to Read Month.
Click Here For The Full Article

2017 VIRN L. P. Ings Scholarship Recipient - Tasia Knysh

A head and shoulders photo of Tasia who has dark shoulder length hair, brown eyes and smiling.
Congratulations Tasia!

I am grateful to have the opportunity to accept the L.P Ings Scholarship and know that had it not been for VIRN, and everyone’s support, this would have never been a possibility. I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was a long road and tough battle the last three years of my life, but I now know that anything is possible if I set my mind to it. I may not be able to do things the way I used to, but I am still able to do them. I can lead a fully inclusive life, and it can start with completing school and working in a field I love. Thank you for the opportunity and help with this through the scholarship. I could not ask for anything more and cannot think of any words to say how gracious I truly am. – Tasia Knysh

Click Here For Tasia’s Full Story

Introduction to VI Curling (Video)

Photo of Curling Coach showing a VI Curler how to hold the curling rock.
Grassroots VI Curling Program

VIRN encourages both recreational and competitive curling, but we never lose sight as to the importance of grassroots development and the fun of the sport.

For several years VIRN has offered the Grassroots Vision Impaired (VI) Curling Program and our qualified coaches and volunteers have many years of experience and have been a resource for new coaches and curlers joining the development of the Grassroots VI Curling Program across Canada, United States and Europe. We strive to ensure everyone feels welcome, receives the attention they require, have one on one instruction, peer support and encouragement.

We also work hard to build their confidence so they feel comfortable and find the courage to join other leagues with sighted curlers if they so desire.

For over 40 years curling has been a popular sport in Western Canada among people who are vision impaired and we are proud to say we have been a part of it. This is an excellent game to keep active, enjoy being a part of a team and the opportunity to enjoy the friendly social atmosphere that is a big part of curling centres.

There are not many differences between teaching a person who is fully sighted and a person who is vision impaired to curl. By saying this it is very important to develop good communication as in any sport and to develop a trust between the coach and the curler.

Our qualified coaches offer one on one instruction to new curlers and continue to work with all our curlers to improve their techniques and understanding of the game.

There are only slight modifications in the VI Curling game. We welcome everyone to join us.

View our Introduction To VI Curling Video:

For more information contact:, 204-975-9340 or 1-888-851-VIRN (8476)

VIRN Chooses for Online Donations

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Safe, Secure, Convenient for Donors

VIRN has chosen to process our online donations.

For you, the donor, makes giving safe, secure, simple and convenient. You are in absolute control while making your donation.

You decide:

  • The amount you want to give
  • If it is a one-time donation or recurring
  • How much information VIRN receives; if you prefer, you can make your donation anonymously.
  • A tax receipt for your charitable donation is emailed directly to you. proudly facilitates over $40 million in charitable donations annually through their website for 13,000 registered Canadian charities.

VIRN has carefully chosen as the secure way to maximize the effectiveness of the online donations we receive.

We ask you to consider using this secure and convenient way to make your donation to VIRN.

Your donation to VIRN will help support our numerous programs and activities that make a positive impact and experience to people who are vision impaired. Click here to donate now through

Thanking you in advance,

Accessibility is the Law / Participation is Your Right

Graphic of VIRN Logo in Black and White version.
Public Information Campaign

VIRN wants to inform you of a very important public information campaign.

Barrier-Free Manitoba and partner groups have launched the "Accessibility is the Law / Participation is Your Right" public information campaign. The campaign’s goal is to promote awareness of new accessibility requirements established under the landmark Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA) for all public meetings


Under the AMA, provincial government departments have been responsible to ensure the full accessibility of public meetings and events since November 1, 2016. Starting November 2017, most public sector organizations beyond government must do the same.

That means that organizations are required to ensure that:
• notices and promotions of public meetings and events are accessible to Manitobans with disabilities
• public meetings and events are held in spaces that are accessible
• Manitobans with disabilities are invited to request accommodations required for their full participation
• the physical and communication needs of persons disabled by barriers are met on request.

These organizations include:
• All government boards, commissions, associations, agencies, or similar bodies for which all board members are appointed Act of the Legislature or by the Lieutenant Governor in Council
• All colleges and universities
• All regional health authorities
• All school divisions and schools
• The cities of Brandon, Dauphin, Flin Flon, Morden, Portage la Prairie, Selkirk, Steinbach, Thompson, Winkler and Winnipeg.

In the past, while all Manitobans with disabilities have had the same legal right to participate as everyone else, many thousands of them, in practice, were denied their human rights to full citizenship because of barriers. The requirements established under the landmark Accessibility for Manitobans Act have now changed this. We think that this is wonderful news.

This campaign is intended to:
• Inform Manitobans with disabilities of the requirements removing barriers to their right to participate.
• Inform organizations what they are required to do to fulfill the requirements.

Celebrate and Exercise Your Rights

Please take every opportunity to celebrate and exercise your rights. Please become and have others you know become accessible public meeting champions who help ensure that organizations are meeting these new requirements.

If you see a notice in newspapers, online or elsewhere of public meetings and events being held by the organizations listed above, and it does not include an open and clear invitation for Manitobans with disabilities to request accommodations, call the group and express your concerns. If you want to attend and need an accommodation, request it in advance. If you see that a public meeting or event is scheduled to be held in space that you know is not fully accessible, call the group and express your concerns.

If you still have concerns after speaking with the group and/or if the group tells you that they won't provide the requested accommodation, we strongly encourage you to work with VIRN and contact the Province's Disability Issues Office:
Phone: 204-945-7613
Toll Free: 1-800-282-8069 (Extension 7613)

Change is hard, even a really important change like this. We expect that at least some of the organizations are going to need a little encouragement; together we can provide that encouragement. Please become and have others you know become accessible public meeting champions who help ensure that organizations are meeting these new requirements.

Finally, BFM would like to thank the partner groups that have helped organize this information campaign:
• Deaf Centre Manitoba Inc.
• Manitoba Deaf Association
• St. Amant
• Manitoba Deaf-Blind Association Inc.
• Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities,
• Canadian Hard of Hearing Association - Manitoba Chapter organizations are meeting these new requirements.


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Proud to partner with The University of Winnipeg
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