January 2017

Keep VIRN In Mind For Online Shopping

Shop at Amazon.ca; support VIRN

Available throughout the year.

Are you going to be doing some online shopping at Amazon.ca? Why not support VIRN at the same time!

VIRN has joined the Amazon.ca associate program.

If you enter the Amazon.ca web site through the link below, you will get the same prices and great deals offered by Amazon.ca and as a bonus VIRN will receive a percentage of the money you spend.

You get the same great deals provided by Amazon.ca, no additional charges whatsoever.
VIRN gets financial support for our important programs and events for the VIRN community simply because you used our link. It couldn't be easier!

Remember to help VIRN by entering the Amazon.ca store by using this link:
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Thank you for using the Amazon.ca associate program and supporting VIRN.
We are very grateful, every little bit helps and keep on ordering online through our website. Pass this information along so others may order as well.

Happy shopping and thanks from VIRN.