Importance of Reading Month

Animated photo of two children sitting on a pile of colourful books reading.
Let's Make Reading Inclusive

Remember when you were learning to read as a child? Did you read with your parents or an older sibling? Or perhaps you had reading buddies in school? Did they read to you or did you read to them?

VIRN values inclusion for all family members and all community members in this experience. Would it be nice to go to the library, and sign out books in different formats that all family members can read?

Inclusion would mean access to this same world of knowledge, to explore, learn, dream, and enjoy. This means reading with various senses not just visual but tactile or audio as well.

The whole month of February 2018 is I Love to Read Month. Click Here For The Full Article

There are different events around the city embracing families and the joy of reading. Ongoing events for families, children, and adults are at the different Winnipeg Public Libraries including book clubs, writers’ groups, sky walk events downtown, and events tailored for age groups.

The Manitoba Co-operator gives some suggestions on how to make reading fun at school, at home, or at the library such as fun reading parties and games. How many pages do you read at a time? How much do you get into the genre you enjoy?

“Across Canada this promotes a love of reading and being read to. This idea, started many years ago, has been gaining popularity among schools and libraries throughout North America. Parents, too, have adopted the idea of a month to promote reading as a shared family activity,” says the Manitoba Co-operator.

Schools are participating in the Manitoba Children’s Museum’s I Love to Read Month program.

The Manitoba Reading Association has reading contests; the challenge is The Great Canadian Reading Race in schools and community organizations.

February 18-24 is Reading Week for many post-secondary students in Manitoba. This week follows Louis Riel Day, or Family Day and is an excellent break from the everyday stressors.

Reading Week defined by Collins Dictionary is: “a week, usually midway through a university term, during which there are no classes or lectures, intended for students to concentrate on reading or research.”

U of M students have an alternative reading week where they participate in volunteering for co-curricular credits during Reading Wee.

February 25 to March 3 is Freedom to Read Month.
Drop in anytime that week at the West End Library 999 Sargent Avenue and get your photo taken at mugshot wall with a banned or challenged book.

CBC and U of W recognize the importance of reading to destress.

For a few years this added week in the fall, starts Thanksgiving Day weekend in October. The academic year is adjusted to make up for this break.

What opportunities do you see by reading/listening to the news? How has reading impacted you? How has it made a difference to you in your life?

Challenge yourself to relax, breathe, and read. Have a hot beverage, have your pet beside you, and warm up to a good book.

By The VIRN Team