VIRN Believes In Working Together

Consumer Access Group (CAG)

VIRN has been part of the Consumer Access Group (CAG) since it began. This group’s purpose is to: bring together national, provincial, and local organizations in order to develop position statements on issues important to Canadians with all levels of vision impairment; provide the Canadian public, service providers, and governments a consistent view on issues identified by CAG; coordinate public education efforts, pool resources, and present a united stance to effect change.

VIRN is happy to help all interested organizations to come to a consensus in order to ensure that everything can be made to be as consistent as possible across Canada. We want to make it easy for our community to get out and about.

Some of the items we have been working on are:

• Public Transit
• Roundabout Intersections
• Point of Sale Devices
• Accessible Pedestrian Signals

Once a position statement has been posted everyone is welcome to read and comment on it. CAG does review them regularly in order to make changes as feedback is received. If you are interested in reading what has been posted you will find the documents at:

Feel free to share this link with any person, organization or government representative who may be interested.