City of Regina Transit Installs Audible Stop Announcements

Working Together Makes A Positive Change.

October 22, 2015

VIRN continues to strive to serve the vision impaired citizens of Regina. We are pleased to announce that the City of Regina will be installing audible announcements on all city buses in 2015. The city will install internal announcements in the first phase of this service and will follow with external announcements at a later date.

The city has installed a number of Accessible pedestrian signals and will continue to increase the number of signals in the future. We encourage any individual encountering difficulties to contact the city to ensure all signals are performing in a suitable fashion.

The city is in the process of installing a pilot bus stop on 11th Avenue. When this new stop has been put into service I encourage anyone using the stop to comment on how affective you find the stop. This initial stop is a pilot to determine what best works for all persons with disabilities.

VIRN Regina is committed to serve your needs. If there is something you feel needs attention please contact us.

Will keep you informed on further developments.

Phone: 1-888-851-VIRN (8476)