A Great Curling Season For VIRN

Wrap-Up VIRN's 2014/15 Curling Season

For the first part of the season we concentrated on Grassroots "Learn to Curl". We had the opportunity to teach someone new how to curl almost every week. We worked on developing skills and strategy to help new curlers understand the game, get comfortable and gain confidence. After the New Year we made up teams, new friendships were formed and sportsmanship was a high priority.

Now that we have finished the season, it is very rewarding for us to look back over the season and see that not only people who are vision impaired came out to learn to curl with VIRN’s VI Curling program, but many others who just wanted to learn and join in the fun.

Thank you once again to Global TV for putting together and airing an excellent story about our curling program. We are very surprised at how many people saw the story and have expressed interest in coming out. If you haven’t seen it yet, click on the link: http://globalnews.ca/news/1702495/manitoba-blind-curlers-helping-to-lead...

A special than you to our coaches and volunteers for making this season so enjoyable. We really appreciate all your time and all you do for us.

"Thank you to everyone for making this one of the best years of coaching for me. It was wonderful to have such a great group who were so easy going, fun to teach and showed great sportsmanship." - Walter Koop, Coach