Introduction to VI Curling (Video)

Photo of Curling Coach showing a VI Curler how to hold the curling rock.
Grassroots VI Curling Program

VIRN encourages both recreational and competitive curling, but we never lose sight as to the importance of grassroots development and the fun of the sport.

For several years VIRN has offered the Grassroots Vision Impaired (VI) Curling Program and our qualified coaches and volunteers have many years of experience and have been a resource for new coaches and curlers joining the development of the Grassroots VI Curling Program across Canada, United States and Europe. We strive to ensure everyone feels welcome, receives the attention they require, have one on one instruction, peer support and encouragement.

We also work hard to build their confidence so they feel comfortable and build the courage to join other leagues with sighted curlers if they so desire.

For over 40 years curling has been a popular sport in Western Canada among people who are vision impaired and we are proud to say we have been a part of it. This is an excellent game to keep active, enjoy being a part of a team and the opportunity to enjoy the friendly social atmosphere that is a big part of curling centres.

There are not many differences between teaching a person who is fully sighted and a person who is vision impaired to curl. By saying this it is very important to develop good communication as in any sport and to develop a trust between the coach and the curler.

Our qualified coaches offer one on one instruction to new curlers and continue to work with all our curlers to improve their techniques and understanding of the game.

There are only slight modifications in the VI Curling game. We welcome everyone to join us.

View our Introduction To VI Curling Video:

Training Manual available soon.

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