VIRN VI Curling In Gillam, MB

Photo of curlers from behind the house, Skip Ross Martin wearing Manitoba jacket.
Way to Go Poppa Ross and Hope

On March 3, 4, 5th, Ross Martin (Skip), Hope Gushulak (Third), Kristen Juenke (Second) and Mitchell McCallum (Lead) curled in the Gillam Mixed Bonspiel. Although placing third in the “B” event a good time was had by all. Mitchell, a Gillam High School student, hadn’t curled before but was game and made some great shots. Kristen, a lab tech at Gillam Hospital, was the only regular curler, curling in the Gillam women’s league and helped us greatly. Hope, Gillam High School student, curled with her Poppa, Ross Martin, in the VIRN, vision impaired curling league at the Thistle Curling Club in Winnipeg, before moving to Gillam. Although a bit rusty at the start, she remembered what Walter and Doris Koop had taught her, and was soon making great shots. Ross, VIRN Board Executive, hadn’t curled since the VI Curling program at the Thistle last year. He was slower to start despite great lining-in by Hope and Kristen. Despite his best efforts, he managed to grab defeat from the jaws of victory. Pam Christler-Martin, wife of Ross and mother of Hope, vigorously cheered us on. It was a fun event!

We are so proud of Hope and Ross as they continue to take their curling skills to Gillam, MB. We really miss them here in Winnipeg, but we are so happy and excited to see them continuing to stay with the game and for introducing more people to VI Curling.

"It is a great game, and this shows how Inclusive it is." says, The VIRN Team