Thank You - Inclusive Trivia Challenge Was A Hit

Graphic of yellow, green, orange, pink, dark blue and light blue question marks.
One More Question!

Question: What do you get when you mix a great bunch of volunteers, eight teams of people ready to have fun and questions intended to expose those deep dark portions of your memory?

Answer: Another successful VIRN Inclusive Trivia Challenge!

Eight teams came out to have fun and answer questions ranging from too easy to forehead smacking, tip of your tongue difficult. And in the end, it was all in good fun.

Team CereBellas was victorious after gambling hugely on their answer to the final question.

Congratulations! to the Cerebellas and thanks to all the teams who participated.

Like all VIRN events, volunteers make it happen!

“A big thank you goes out to the dedicated group of volunteers for making our Inclusive Trivia Challenge an awesome event each year.

See all of you next year, and remember to bring a friend or two along!!