AMI Visits VIRN's Inclusive Trivia Challenge

Graphic of AMI Logo
"Inclusion Happens Naturally At VIRN Events" - VIRN Team

"Inclusion, removing barriers, making everyone feel welcome."

This year marks our 7th year for "Inclusive Trivia", and we are proud of it. An event where everyone is welcome and they can let their hair down and enjoys themselves for a couple of hours of fun.

Thank you to AMI Host Dave Brown for coming to Winnipeg with his crew. Click the ilink to see the higlights of the evening:

Building companionship and relationships - working together as a team.
"Everyone is equal and working together as a team." - Lance Bell - Participant

"We are highlighting the abilities and what makes people the same, not the differences." says Glen Sepke - Organizer. "The whole point is Public Education - Looking at the whole person, not just what they would consider the feature of someone being vision impaired."

VIRN brings inclusion to the forefront. How about you?