Marrakesh Announcement

Photo of the Canadian Flag blowing in the wind, with a clear blue sky in the background.
Means More Books in More Libraries for Everyone!

We’re pleased to be among those announcing that the Marrakesh Treaty is now in force. This Treaty makes it possible to share books in accessible formats across borders. As many of you know, this is something we have been working toward and campaigning for: it means more books in more libraries for everyone.

A few weeks ago we thought the Treaty’s provisions were still some unknown time away. Canada was going to be the 18th country to sign and 20 were needed for the Treaty to be “live”. Then Ecuador and Guatemala signed on and Canada was the 20th and the Treaty was suddenly in force, as of yesterday.

It’s wonderful news, and we look forward to having more access to books in available formats through public libraries soon.

The 2-minute message from WIPO’s Director General is a concise summary of the Treaty’s benefits: A longer release can be found on WIPO’s website:

If you’re looking for more background information, NNELS also has an ongoing information page where you can find the latest updates:

Great News for Canada Day!
We wish you all a very happy Canada Day!

The VIRN Team