Who Is VIRN?

Photo one of VIRN's office work station in our computer lab.
Goal Is Inclusion

The Vision Impaired Resource Network (VIRN) is a registered charity that started in 1944. We became incorporated in Manitoba as the Canadian Council of the Blind Manitoba Division (CCBMB) in 1982. After doing research and consulting with the community of people who are vision impaired, their families, friends and supporters of the organisation we changed our name to better reflect the needs of the community and to eliminate confusion people had regarding organisations with similar sounding names.

Collectively our four core building blocks of Peer Support, Public Education, Active Living and Training promote active, healthy and independent living, and developing good life skills

• VIRN is proud to focus on the needs of each individual person. We do not expect people who are vision impaired to change who they are by making it necessary for them to fit into a preconceived idea of what they are to be. It is through ongoing discussion with us that each individual can determine what services and support they want and/or need.

• VIRN is also a resource where we offer - Website Evaluation, Accessibility Consulting Services, Braille Embossing, and Document Formatting Services.

• Group discussions where others facing similar challenges gather to share experiences, plan outings that will enhance their lives through real life experience and work on travel training skills.

• We have an accessible computer training lab where the community has the opportunity to do scheduled group training, personal one on one training, use the computers to practice their skills, look for employment or to do research for school projects.

• Reaching out to organisations and employers to make it possible for people who are vision impaired to receive services, become employed and to take part in recreational opportunities available in the community.

“Finding solutions for day-to-day challenges.”
Help us break down barriers and embrace inclusion for all!

If you or someone you know is vision impaired or you just want to get involved with VIRN’s programs and activities, please contact us. Phone: 204-975-9340 Email: info@virn.ca