Installation of Push Buttons Along Portage Ave, Winnipeg

Photo of a street pole with a yellow push button and a person's hand touching to activate the APS.
Keeping Our Community Informed

New Push Buttons for crossing Portage Avenue at two locations:

The City of Winnipeg, Traffic Signals branch, is planning to add push buttons at the two following signalized intersections:
1. Portage Avenue & Dominion Street
2. Portage Avenue & Arlington Street

The push buttons will be added for crossing Portage Avenue only (side street pedestrian signals will be provided automatically every cycle) and will allow a more efficient operation of the signals when pedestrians demand is low.

Similar to any signalized intersection equipped with push button, users wish to cross Portage Avenue will be required to press the buttons in order to be provided with regular and accessible pedestrian signals and as both of these locations are equipped with Accessible Pedestrian Signals APS, a locator tone will be provided to locate the poles with the push buttons.

This addition/change in operation will take place this summer.