VIRN Member In Boston Marathon

Photo left to right, Christopher, Gaston and Melany approaching the Boston Marathon finish line, April 2015.
Running Room Magazine, July August 2015

Boston from my perspective.

by Gaston Bedard
Running Room magazine, July August 2015, page 56.

I am a deaf, blind runner from Aylmer, Quebec. I ran and completed the Boston Marathon on April 20th.

It was a super team effort led by Team With a Vision, a group of blind and sighted athletes who run the Boston Marathon every year to raise funds and awareness for the Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Running Boston is everything they say it is. I'm told there were a lot of very fit-looking runners in and around our hotel. You could feel the energy, the excitement in the air everywhere.

At the start in Hopkinton, it took nine minutes just to cross the start line.

It was wet, cold, and windy most of the way. My two guides, Christopher Yule and Melany Gauvin, did a great job and kept me going. I feel we ran quite well through the Newton hills. When things got really tough in the last 12 kilometres, the knowledge that my son Marc would be at the finish line kept me focused. We crossed the finish line as a team, holding hands, with arms raised.

Marc was super helpful the whole weekend. He took photos of us around Boston. This was a special father-son adventure, and we pulled it off really well. I like to say, "When you have good people around you, it is amazing what you can do."

This was my 16th marathon. I would love to run Boston again. I am now looking for sighted guides to train with and to run the next Boston in 2016.>>

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Gaston lives in Aylmer, Quebec. If you are interested in training with him as a sighted guide. Send an email to and we will pass on your contact information to him.