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Saskatoon Transit Increases Accessibility For Riders

More Good News For Our Community

In partnership with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, as part of an
ongoing effort to increase accessibility and provide riders with improved
service, Saskatoon Transit is pleased to announce Automatic Announcements on
City buses. This automated service provides a verbal announcement and visual
cue of an upcoming bus stop, ensuring that riders do not miss their

Automated Stop Announcements Coming to Regina Buses

Photo of Amber-Joy Body at new accessible bus stop.
Amber-Joy Boyd - Interviews With Regina Media

For Amber-Joy Boyd, to hear “Broad Street and 1st Avenue North” piped through a Regina bus’s sound system means, “So much stress — just gone.”

On Tuesday, Boyd got to experience Regina Transit’s new audible stop announcement system for the first time. The $90,000 system, to be installed on all 115 buses by January, announces the cross-street of each stop.

Photo of Amber-Joy Boyd published by Leader Post Regina

Regina Transit Installs Audible Stop Announcement System and Accessible Bus Stops

Regina, November 3, 2015

News Release

Regina Transit Installs Audible Stop Announcement System and Accessible Bus Stops

Regina Transit will introduce an audible stop announcement (ASA) system on its conventional transit buses. The audible system will announce each upcoming stop along the route. This will benefit all customers, in particular, persons with low vision and those new to Regina. Regina’s system is expected to be running by the end of January 2016.

City of Regina Transit Installs Audible Stop Announcements

Working Together Makes A Positive Change.

October 22, 2015

VIRN continues to strive to serve the vision impaired citizens of Regina. We are pleased to announce that the City of Regina will be installing audible announcements on all city buses in 2015. The city will install internal announcements in the first phase of this service and will follow with external announcements at a later date.

Saying Thank You! To A Valued Volunteer!

Photo of a beautiful yellow rose representing friendship.
Sending A Rose of Appreciation


VIRN says "Thank you!" to Ron Filleul, Regina Board member for all of your time and hard work that you have given to us on the VIRN Board.

Ron has made the decision to step down from the VIRN Board, but will remain an active part of the Saskatchewan team. We will really miss his sense of humour, his wisdom and experience, and his ability to focuss on getting a job done.

Holiday Message From Ron Filleul

Graphic of red Christmas Stocking with with snowflakes and VIRN at the top.
Like Minded And Working Together

It has been my privilege to join the VIRN Board this year. VIRN has been devoted to serving the vision impaired community in Manitoba and now in Saskatchewan for a number of years. To date, in Saskatchewan we do not offer as many programs as in Manitoba, but we also believe in enhancing the lives of individuals who see things a bit differently than others.

In Regina we have been working with the city to make the community safer and more inclusive.

I hope all of you are enjoying the holiday season and have an opportunity to share the season with family and friends.

L. P. Ings Scholarship Fundraising Event

Photo of a beautiful yellow rose in full bloom.
Thank You For Making Our Event A Success!

This beautiful yellow friendship rose is being sent to all of you who helped make our L. P. Ings Scholarship Fundraiser last night at The Canad Inns, Garbonzo's Pizza Pub a HUGE success!

VIRN Chooses for Online Donations

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Safe, Secure, Convenient for Donors

VIRN has chosen to process our online donations.

For you, the donor, makes giving safe, secure, simple and convenient. You are in absolute control while making your donation.

Regina & Saskatoon Transit Bus Stop Updates For Trekker

Graphic of Trekker Breeze speaker, clip and cable.
VIRN Is Keeping You Up To Date

It is time to get outdoors and travel more independently knowing where the bus stops are in Regina and Saskatoon.
It will only take about 15 minutes to update your talking GPS device.

Happy Valentine's Day

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A Special Wish For All Of You!

Wishes for a special Valentine's Day filled with love and happiness.