L. P. Ings Scholarship

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What does an employer look for when they are hiring? They look for someone who has a good education and skills needed to fill the position. We hear this all the time!

VIRN realizes that this is what is needed to find a job. However, VIRN also understands how difficult it is for someone who is vision impaired to afford the high costs of an education or training in a trade. That is why VIRN with the support of the Winnipeg Foundation has been raising funds to award scholarships to a number of people living with vision loss to help them follow their career goals.

VIRN is honoured to be the administrator of the L. P. Ings Scholarship Fund. Established in memory of Lawrence Ings, this scholarship assists Manitoba students with a vision impairment with their education and training. Donations to the L. P. Ings Scholarship Fund are invested, with the income generated being used to support the scholarships which are awarded annually. The scholarship covers costs such as tuition, tutoring, text books, adaptive devices or software.

L. P. Ings Scholarship Application

For all the details regarding qualifying and applying for the scholarship visit the scholarship application page.

Growing The L. P. Ings Scholarship Fund

There are ways to donate to the L. P. Ings Scholarship Fund at anytime. Your contribution will ensure the important opportunities provided by this scholarship fund will continue and you will receive a tax receipt for the entire amount of your contribution.

You can donate safely and securely online directly through the Winnipeg Foundation website.

Or, if you prefer:

Download L. P. Ings Donation Form, suitable for mailing.